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This email is in regards to my interest in applying for the POSITION position recently posted through website.

While pursuing a degree from the Univeristy of None of Your Business, I developed the skills that pay the bills that would blow your mind away. I have been recognized to be too to work as part of a team. It is for this reason I choose to be in multiple team-oriented courses and projects. I am consistently very in finishing assignments as per requirements and the allotted time provided.

I also do not possess the following skills:

    I have also been able to utilize my technical knowledge while volunteering in multiple capacities. Despite being , I have been able to gain exposure to multiple technologies, platforms, and operating languages through the course of my perpetual quest for knowledge.

    I am sure after appraisal of my resume you will see I am an individual with excellent potential. Or whatever it's cool.

    Yours sincerely,