Angeline Lam

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Angeline Lam

Web Developer

"Design is the silent ambassador"

To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.

Key Experiences

Design & Develop

Focus on bringing delightful user app experiences.

Team Work

Passion for collaboration and building amazing apps with designers and team.

Clean Code

Implementing and maintaining scalable code.


SpaceX Launch Tracker - React App

React/ HTML/ CSS/ Gulp

App that accessess SpaceX and Google Map Api to display dynamicaly upcoming launch, past launches, YouYube videos, Reddit links, rocket information and launch site on Google Map.

image of a SpaceX project
image of a hackeryou yearbook project

HackerYou Yearbook - Firebase & React App

React/ Firebase/ HTML/ CSS/ Gulp

App with portfolio links to graduates of HackerYou Cohort17 and a dynamic message posting board.

Advisory - PSD Conversion

HTML/ CSS/ Responsive/ Gulp

Responsive website based on a PSD mockup

image of react midnight food quiz project

Midnight pop quiz - jQuery App

jQuery/ HTML/ CSS/ Responsive/ Gulp

A playful app to gauge your hunger late at night.

Worst Cover Letter - jQuery & API App

jQuery/ HTML/ CSS/ Responsive/ Sass

An amusing cover letter app that access three APIs (Indeed, DataMuse, DataAtWork) to generate the worst cover letter for fun.

image of an indeed project
image of an psd conversion project

Galaxy - PSD Conversion

HTML/ CSS/ Responsive/ Gulp

Responsive website based on a PSD mockup.


I'm a Toronto based front-end developer. Prior to becoming a front-end developer, I was a fashion designer where I excelled in creating designs with clean and beautiful details. My love and knowledge of design and code empowers me to build amazing web experiences and apps.

When I'm not coding, you can find me training for half-marathons, reading the New Yorker and taking photos of our amazing city.

Constant study and observation of art & design. Love photography, art exhibits and all visual media.
Managed marketing team for social media, SEO and seeding opportunity
Always thinking outside the box and motivated by challenges.
Well travelled and fluent in several languages - EN/FR/SP.


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